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These days, if you're purchasing a new TV, it more often than not means you're buying a flat screen TV, and that means you will need to go searching for flat screen tv stands. However, you can't buy just any TV stand. You paid a lot of money for that new television, particularly if it is a giant screen television, which means you need to make sure you buy a TV stand that will ensure that it stays safe. Here you can learn how to locate TV stands which will fully trust and look good with your new flat screen television.

Choosing flat screen tv stands According to Size

With the traditional cathode ray tube televisions, size was everything mattered. The size of the TV stand that you simply needed was influenced by how big the television that you purchased. Not just was how big the screen important, however the depth from the TV also played a job within the kind of stand that may support it. With today's lcd TVs, the size of the screen is usually bigger than a regular television, but the depth of the screen is way less. What this means is a TV stand doesn't have to be as large so that you can hold a television. However, there's one other essential aspect that needs to be considered.

Aspect Ratio

When it comes to lcd TVs, it's about not only size. The aspect ratio of the flat screen TV is much not the same as those of the conventional TV. Conventional televisions were built with a 4:3 aspect ratio, that is almost, although not quite, square. Lcd TVs, however, have a 16:9 aspect ratio, which makes them a lot more rectangular. This aspect ratio accommodates for both the HDTV format and film formats and provides for any richer viewing experience. So what performs this mean for TV stands? A TV stand now needs to be wider to protect the size of the tv screen. Should you put a flat screen TV on an old TV stand, the ends would hang over the edge and someone could easily bump into it and knock it over.

Choosing Your Style

The alternation in size of these TVs has obviously affected some alterations in style. Discover what's changed, and what hasn't, with regards to the look of TV stands.

Some Things Stay the Same

The basic styles of TV stands haven't changed. If you want a modern are in position to suit your modern décor, you can find one for the lcd television. And when you would like your brand new television to fit in with the traditional furniture that you already own, there are plenty of television stands made in a really traditional style. You'll also find all the same materials you'd normally find in furniture: wood, metal, glass, veneer, and much more.

Some Things Change

Some things have, obviously, changed when it comes to stands which will use your flat panel TV. Size and aspect ratio have obviously affected some styles of stands. Many stands for flat screens are made to be longer, narrower, and often lower to the ground. Another style that has popped up because of the nature of a lcd may be the flat entertainment center. These types of entertainment centers give a flat, wall-like surface which to mount the television, and space at the end or on the sides for storage.

Wall Mounts

Last but not least, many people are choosing not to buy any sort of TV stand at all. Where do they take their TV? They mount it on the wall, running the wiring through the wall. When they need storage for other media equipment, they select a small furniture piece that may accommodate their needs.

The most significant thing to consider when shopping for a TV stand for your lcd television is the safety of your television. Get a stand or mount that will support your television and that will blend in with your general style.

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